The day I have waited for so long has finally come. Yesterday noon the results were shown and my project with PSF (Python Software Foundation) & coala was accepted. This is probably my biggest life achievement so far, and as I am inside so happy, I feel such a huge responsability on my personal progress and work. I have compromised my summer by having to work hard on finishing this project.


The project I got accepted on is called Decentralizing BearsThis implies making bears, which are basically plugins for coala, independent packages. This allows for easier management and improvements upon them.

Right now the period is called Community Bonding, and lasts until 23th of May, when the actual work starts. This is when students and mentors get to know each other and talk about implementing the project.

It is going to be hard.

I am roughly a student in my first year of Computer Science, starting to learn programming @October last year. This project will be a real challenge for myself, one which I am planning to finish, one which I am planning to work hard on.

What’s next?

Over the next month, it will be a challenge to me to be able to manage all the homework from my college and also get prepared for this project. What is worse, the first 3 weeks after the work period on GSoC starts, my exam session starts. Yes, it’s going to be hard. But nothing comes in easy, does it?


This blog post intends to thank everyone from coala who has helped me achieve this. With the help of that amazing community, I was able to achieve something I never thought I would.