The next important step in my project is creating an upload tool.

This tool will take every single bear one by one and upload it.

How will I do this?

Simple. Say we are in coala-bears/bears/. Now here’s where the script is. I basically want to create an upload/ folder, where I will have all the bears ready to upload. The tool takes every bear, one by one, creates a subdirectory in the upload/ folder, that subdirectory having the bear’s name, where it will place the setup.py file and the requirements for that bear, and then uploads it.

An example

Let’s say we have bear Test. We will create upload/Test/setup.py, upload/Test/Test/Test.py, upload/Test/requirements.txt. This way we will have the bear done and ready to be uploaded on PyPi.

The trick

The setup.py and the requirements.txt files will be automatically generated based on each bear’s requirements and name, fitting it perfectly.


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