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Ah, what a wonderful trip it has been. I just came back from EuroPython2016 in Bilbao which ended 3 days ago. And I loved it. Not only have I been with wonderful people which I finally got the chance to meet in person, but also the conference was amazing!

So the trip was cool?

Yes. It was really good. The conference was full of amazing talks, sprints, and not to forget lightning talks! The only ones that disappointed me were workshops. Some of them were too hard for me to attend, and some on which I did were pretty bad, and it usually took us half of the time just to set up their tools and stuff, and everyone having dependency issues, lots of time wasted..

But what about coding?

Hehe, I coded during the conference in 7 days probably as much as I did in 14 at home. The productivity at late night coding sessions was quite high, by having people near me that were there to help me with any question. So instead of working a day on something and reworking it the next day, I could go on the best approach and do it in the first day. Cool, huh?

GSoC progress

I can safely say that the project is overall almost done, only the last, grunt work things yet to be done. The upload Tool works really well, and its merged. The installation tool is quite close and does what it should. What’s left? Filling in all the requirements. And this is the worst part. I now have to fill in the correct requirements for each bear. Upon doing this, I see my project done in no time 🙂


Past mid-term

Mid-term evaluation was just two weeks ago. And work is yet to be done.

What’s next?

Currently the uploadTool is almost final. It has endured tons of refactorizing and huge changes in the past week and is almost good to go. However, there’s still tests to be written!

But that’s not all! We still need the Installation tool, which would be a huge addition to coala. This uploadTool only uploads all bears to PyPi. But that’s not enough! They have no requirements, no way to work! That’s exactly what the installation tool does. It generates the installation commands for all the requirements of each bear, and upon installation it simply installs all the dependencies and therefore the bear itself.

Is it hard?

Probably. Probably not. I don’t think that the making of this  tool is actually hard. But the design itself. Because it has to be great. It has not only to work, but to be actually usable and amazing, so that people would choose to use it with pleasure.