Past mid-term

Mid-term evaluation was just two weeks ago. And work is yet to be done.

What’s next?

Currently the uploadTool is almost final. It has endured tons of refactorizing and huge changes in the past week and is almost good to go. However, there’s still tests to be written!

But that’s not all! We still need the Installation tool, which would be a huge addition to coala. This uploadTool only uploads all bears to PyPi. But that’s not enough! They have no requirements, no way to work! That’s exactly what the installation tool does. It generates the installation commands for all the requirements of each bear, and upon installation it simply installs all the dependencies and therefore the bear itself.

Is it hard?

Probably. Probably not. I don’t think that the making of this  tool is actually hard. But the design itself. Because it has to be great. It has not only to work, but to be actually usable and amazing, so that people would choose to use it with pleasure.


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